Dec 12, 2007

Volunteers needed for Saturday Holiday Party

The combined Miller Community Center and Country Doctor clinic holiday party, to be held at Miller Community Center from 11 to 3 on Saturday December 15th, seems like it will be a great success, thanks to all the donations of presents to replace those lost by flooding, and by the donation fo a turkey dinner by a catering company. They're fairly well set for general volunteers (though they could surely use a few more) but are seeking a few special types of help:

  1. Spanish speaking volunteers to help with the many Spanish speaking kids they expect
  2. People to help with Face Painting.
  3. People good at selecting appropriate presents for kids of assorted ages, to help in the "Present Room".
Contact Zoom Piksa at the Center at 206-684-4753 for more information. or to volunteer.

If you'd like to help wrap the presents, come along to the Country Doctor on 19th between 5 and 9 PM on Thursday and ask for Laury.

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