Mar 9, 2009

Madison Street developments

Jim Mueller's "Deano's" Project on Madison (2026 E. Madison). Comments on the application due by March 11th (I just applied for for a 2 week extension, assuming that E-mail counts as "writing"). Jim's assistant notes: You might have noticed that we changed the posting dates again on the Deano’s MUP sign. This is a result of a miscommunication within the city.

She also noted: The MUP sign went up this week. We now expect that the DRB meeting will be held in late March. We will let you know when the date is set. (DRB: Design Review Board)
It's not yet on the list of upcoming Design Review hearings.

Jim had a public information meeting about the project in December: here's a CD News report with lots of pictures. More pictures on Mueller's website.

Your request has been granted, the new comment period end date is March 25, 2009. If you have any further questions regarding this project, you may contact the land use planner assigned to this application Scott Kemp. Scott can be reached at:

PRC Staff

"Twilight Exit / Oscar's II" project (2051 E. Madison Street): Report from the final Design Review hearing is here, details are here, and a very complete Central District News report on the hearing is here. (Slide show from previous Design Review meeting is available).

As requested Madison sites update……

2051 (Twilight) –construction start pending financing

2026 ( Deano’s)- MUP expected summer ’09, construction start pending financing.

Lis Soldano
Director of Development
JC Mueller LLC
2305 East Madison Street: Joanna, on CD News alerted us to the comment period for the Master Use permit. Project still needs at least one more Design Review Hearing. Here are the applicants' slides from the April 2008 meeting, a CD News report and here's the permit status.

2320 East Madison Street is permitted for construction, but site was for sale last time I looked. Site was to be developed in parallel with the adjacent 2311 East John Street. Construction on the East John site started, but there's been no work there for many months.

Quick hints: to find archival details go here and search for "Madison". For upcoming meetings, browse here. For a visual overview of Madison Street developments try my Google Map of Madison.