Dec 11, 2007

A Christmas Movie in Space

It's a Wonderful Life meets Plan 9 from Outer Space at The Central Cinema (on Friday the 13th, among other dates).

The Central Cinema is our local movie dinner-theater. They show a wide variety of movies that you may not see elsewhere.

The (only) IMDB review notes:

This is truly the worst movie I have ever seen, but it really goes beyond that. Something this stunningly terrible simply had to be done on purpose. Every joke, every "special effect" every background, every costume is done without any kind of thought as to not looking like it was done in under fifty seconds. This film brings artistry to sub-mediocrity. Something so basely horrible defies the physics of cinematography. I could not make a worse movie if I spent absolutely no time at all making it. Someone really, really tried to make this piece of gold stink like a thousand dead scatologists. If you have a dollar on you the next time you pass by your local dollar store, do yourself a favor and revel in the worst thing you can imagine.

Only 1 review but 149 peoples' comments all seem to agree!

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