Apr 15, 2011

More about René Soulard

(again from Debrah, René's neighbor)

A Memorial and Celebration of Rene's life will  be held on Sunday, May 22nd, at the Miller Community Center. I'm not sure of the time yet. Frank Chaffee has offered to coordinate that event and if you want to help, Andrew can forward E-mails to him (tayles@jps.net)
Rene's  obituary will be in the paper this Sunday and there is talk that a blog site may go up so people can better  exchange their thoughts about Rene and maybe post some favorite photo's. 
Several of you have asked for further details about Rene's passing and I just wrote to Pascal and Marie in France about that so I'll copy that note here. 
As almost everyone has said Rene's passing is pretty unbeliveable because in most ways Rene was so strong and healthy.  Never the less he had high blood pressure and things had been pretty tough for him for a while.  On Thursday night a friend spoke with him on the phone and his speech was slurred. Some time that night he had a massive stroke followed by a series of small ones. In the MRI there was a hemorrhage in his brain and blood work showed he had had a minor heart attack (probably caused from the strokes). When he collapsed he hit his head pretty hard as well. 
The neighbor who found him on Friday called emp's and he was helicoptered off Orcas Island to a Bellingham hospital. Larry arrived to the hospital on Saturday and although Rene was not able to open his eye's or speak  he was responsive to Larry and motioned with his right hand. He knew that Larry, and later Gary was there, and responded when he was told that others were on their way.  The doctors told them that recovery would be long and hard if at all. We all believe that Rene would not have wanted to survive all that. 
Each day is a little easier. Yesterday they were able to find his will and instructions for a "celebration of his life".  Rene wants his friends to come together for a good time and that just might be the best way to honor his life and memory. There is something very positive about these instructions. I hope you can be there.

Apr 11, 2011

Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Project: East John & E. Thomas

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I will be distributing these as fliers to all of the abutting property owners tomorrow and also sending this information to the Capitol Hil Blog. SDOT plans to start this work in May after we have heard from the community.

Liz Ellis
SDOT Street Maintenance
Sidewalk Repair Program

Death of René Soulard, MPNA co-founder

This message was received at 2PM 4/11/11 from René's next-door neighbor:

"Rene passed away about an hour ago.

He has been living and working up on Orcas Island and was found on the floor unable to move last Friday. The last time anyone saw him was 24 hours before that. He initially was able to say his age and that he wasn't assaulted. Rene was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Bellingham. In the last few days he was not able to speak but clearly knew people. Gary and Larry, Ron's brothers were with him and their folks have been in constant touch from Idaho.

If any of you know other friends please let them know.
There will be a lot to sort through and make sense of in the next few weeks.  We are in shock, in fact I can't take in that Rene could be gone. It doesn't seem possible.  We will be in touch as we know more.


I will pass on any inquiries to Debrah.

Andrew Taylor, tayles@jps.net

René was the co-founder of the Miller Park Neighborhood Association. He was a very dear friend, a wonderful neighbor and a tireless advocate for our little neighborhood. News of his death has shocked me more than almost anything else in my life.
He will be sorely missed. I will post more details here as they become available.