Dec 9, 2007

Goodwill Development Survey Results

Thank you for reading the several posts about the views of two neighborhood groups in the Jackson Place area, who respectively oppose and support a planned very large development of the Goodwill property on Dearborn Street in the International District.

I asked you to identify yourselves as being inside or outside our neighborhood boundaries, and to then vote on whether we should support the group opposing development (the Dearborn Street Coalition for livable neighborhoods).

Eleven of the thirteen voters lived within the neighborhood boundaries, and the other two were just outside it.

Six of the eleven voters within the neighborhood were in favor of joining the coalition (and the other five opposed it). The two "nearby neighbors" were also in opposition, so in total six out of thirteen voters were in favor of supporting the coalition. In other words:

We're pretty evenly divided on this issue.

I therefore suggest that the Miller Park neighborhood remain neutral on the Dearborn Street development project.

Many thanks to all of you for reading, thinking and voting, and to the "Go Dearborn Street" and the "Dearborn Street Coalition for livable neighborhoods" groups for sharing their views and their respective passions with us. I'm sure you'll join me in following developments with great interest.

Dan Bertolet writes to note a similar discussion prompted by his blog posting about the Dearborn Street project.

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