Jan 23, 2008

Operation Streetlight

(A simple suggestion from my ever-practical wife, Meg).

Given that Shannon Harps' killer is apparently still out there, it would be good to make our neighborhood as safe as possible. Meg and I have been commuting by foot and have noticed many dead streetlights. It's simple and easy to report them via the City Light online form.

Meg suggests that people volunteer to adopt sections of Capitol Hill streets, and undertake to ensure that any defective lights on "their" street are duly reported to the City (and reported again if they are not fixed in a timely manner).

We can (but don't have to) keep a list of adopted streets, if you click here to send me an E-mail for each linear segment of street you adopt. I'll color and flag your streets on the map below with your "codename", so that we know who's doing what. Or just E-mail me:
Andrew Taylor

Colored (i.e non-yellow) lines on the map indicate streets that have been adopted. Click on the lines to find out who adopted them. Contact me to contact the adopter.
(If the map doesn't work try Firefox or click here to view a larger map).

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