Dec 8, 2007

Go see Ms. Helen!

When Club Chocolate City closed this Spring, Ms. Helen Coleman (who ran Ms Helen's Soul Food there) became the cook at Rose Petals Restaurant, 6901 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Business has been very bad down there, because of all the light rail construction. This Seattle Times article notes Bettye Gray, owner of Rose Petals restaurant, says "this is the worst" business has been in 19 years at the soul-food establishment. Her main cook Ms. Helen, "and I will sit here all day long with no customers."
(The picture, also from the Times article, is of Ms. Helen getting the tables ready for lunch).

Rail construction is over and the merchants are luring you down there this Sunday with the Southeast Seattle International Festival :

The event, to help the neighborhood recover from light-rail construction, is Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at The Citadel, 4200 S. Othello St., a block east of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. Highlights include the Emerald City Jazz Ensemble, the Huong-Viet Traditional Music Performance Group, dance and martial-arts groups, and meals from five restaurants. Admission is free and meal tickets cost $6 at the festival.

Hop on down to the festival for some of Ms. Helens cooking, or just pop down to the restaurant some other time and enjoy some of her legendary cooking.

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