Dec 7, 2007

Lost Kitten needs home

(forwarded from assorted listservs. Contact me and I'll forward to the poster).

In brief:

I found a stray kitten wandering 23rd and Madison yesterday. I put up flyers but nothing. This is obviously someone's kitten either lost or dumped. He is orange and white, appx 4 months old, very friendly and litterbox trained. No tags or collar. Seems healthy and fed. We cannot keep him and I'm looking for a home for him. I wanted to check first to see if anyone would love a lonely kitten before I have to take him to the shelter :( Thanks, Chris

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Andrew Taylor said...

A reader contacted me about the kitty and I just heard from the kitten finder:

Thanks Andrew, Fred came by and took the kitten. Everyone is happy now!! Thanks for helping us find a good home for the little guy! Chris

Ah..... all's well that end's well.

(Cue "It's a Wonderful Life" music)