Jun 15, 2011

Sidewalk Repair on Thomas: trees could not be saved

My name is Lou Stubecki. I’m the Arboriculturist for SDOT Urban Forestry working on the sidewalk repair project in your neighborhood. We gave our best efforts, but unfortunately, we were only able to save 3 of the 15 trees involved in the sidewalk repair. We were lucky to have been able to move the sidewalk over at the park, otherwise we may have lost all of the trees. Removing 12 trees is a significant loss of canopy that is inconsistent with the City’s goals for increasing tree canopy. We would love to put trees back in the 1900 block of E Thomas St, but we can’t because the right of way has effectively been shortened from 12’ wide to 8’ wide due to property encroachment. We would like to find spots in the neighborhood where we can plant new trees, and I thought, with your intimate knowledge of the neighborhood, you would able to help me identify spots in need of trees. Please contact me and let me know if we could meet to look over some sights. I look forward to meeting you.

All Best,

Lou Stubecki
Certified Arborist /Certified Tree Risk Assessor #483
Seattle Department of Transportation-Urban Forestry
PO Box 34996
(206) 684-7570 office
(206) 423-1837 cell

Bilingual Students' Dance and Artwork Show on Saturday

The Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center (the SBOC) is Seattle's and Miller community's own World School - home to middle and high school newcomer students from all over the world.  Sharing the Meany School with NOVA students, SBOC students are learning English and adjusting to their new country.  They bring with them wonderful traditions and each year students perform their traditional dances at the Folklife festival, and this Saturday, for their families, friends, and the larger SBOC community.

We invite the Miller community to the SBOC this Saturday for an informal presentation of multicultural dances, artwork by SBOC students, a show of 
fabulous photos from SBOC students' Club Photo (recently showcased at Seattle Symphony's Benaroya Hall) and a sale of students' art cards to raise funds for student scholarships.  We would love to share our wonderful school with our neighbors - come meet our students, staff, and friends of SBOC.

The dance program is Saturday, June 18th, from 12:30 - 2 -- come at 12:15 to see the art and check out our beautiful art cards. 

any questions:  890-8897 or 784-0843