Aug 7, 2009

Shopping & amenities map

A couple of sets of visitors, in different parts of Capitol Hill, inspired me to make this Google map. I invite you to add to it. I think you'll need to be signed in to your Google account to edit/add to the map.

View Capitol Hill attractions and amenities in a larger map

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JOP = John Oliver Perry said...

I presume the Capitol Hill-Miller Park Neighborhood, if it includes the Harvard Market QFC, should consider the nearest Indian restaurant for many CH residents to be the Maharaja diagonally across the street from QFC. They still serve an inexpensive open buffet at lunch, I believe.
To be fair to all businesses in the neighborhood, you will need to consult the yellow pages AND the Chamber of Commerce of CH and the Central Area/District.
What about art galleries, framers, copy shops & shipping & post offices, and .... ?
This is an unending task for which you deserve, as usual, more thanks than you will receive. Here's mine: Thanx... (H'M'M, but there is always a "but....")

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