May 23, 2011

Madison Street neighbors in the news

Sunday, 5/22/11, Seattle Times Pacific Magazine "Then and Now" features a streetcar crash at 19th & Madison: the building involved, which now houses the Capitol Hill Alano Club and which recently suffered a fire, seemed little harmed by the collision and looks pretty similar today.

Monday 5/23/11 Seattle Times NW Monday has a big feature about 22nd & Madison fixture , and Central Area Chamber of Commerce Chair, DeCharlene Williams. She's also featured in this interesting book about race, basketball, gentrification and the Central Area (in which I get a cameo appearance).

Bonus (just south of us):  Seattle Times Pacific Magazine article about upcoming June 4th  Central Area Garden Tour.

May 17, 2011

SDOT working on sidewalk repairs at 21st Ave E and E Thomas; UPDATED

5/20/11: "Today SDOT crews poured sidewalk along the south side of Miller Playfield. 
Check out the hop scotch!"

From SDOT, about progress on the previously noted project in our neighborhood:

SDOT crews continued with breaking out sidewalk at 21st Ave E and E Thomas. Two trees will be removed Wednesday by a contractor. One is at the NW corner of 21st Ave E and E Thomas. The other is at the SW corner of 20th Ave E and E Thomas. Three trees adjacent to Miller Park are being protected and will be root pruned and given more growing space as we are shifting the sidewalk two feet further and narrowing it to four feet.

I’ll provide updates as we know more. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Liz Ellis
SDOT Street Maintenance
Sidewalk Repair Program

May 14, 2011

May 22nd Potluck celebration of René Soulard's life

Potluck celebration of René Soulard's life

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Place: Miller Community Center, 330 19th Ave E., Seattle, WA 98112.

What to bring: The organizers are trying to "seed" the potluck by requesting that different groups bring different categories of food. You are invited to bring salads and side dishes with serving utensils.

Buses: #12 stops outside Center, #8, 43 half a block away. 10, 11, 48 nearby.

Parking: Small lot off 19th just south of Center. Larger lot accessed from 20th: north on 19th, right on Republican, right on 20th.


May 5, 2011

Video about fountain, neighborhood, René, volunteers

Dreaming in Stone: The Ron K. Bills Fountain at Miller Park from Andrew Taylor on Vimeo.

This 40 minute video was produced by Sidney Beaumont, a (then aspiring) video producer who stumbled upon the neighborhood and the fountain project early on. As I recall, the video was a training exercise for him and was a wonderful gift to our neighborhood. I rewatched it soon after learning of René's death, and saw what a great tribute and memorial to him it would be.  Took a while to get it together, but here it is.