Dec 14, 2007

Local Boy Makes Good

A reliable sign of the impending "holiday season" is the annual gathering at Julie Renick's house on 22nd, where I get to catch up on what other Miller Park Neighborhood Association veterans have been up to. For most of us it's "same old, same old", but it has been wonderful to get annual updates on what Schott Schuldt has been up to.

Scott's been a resident and member of the neighborhood association since its inception (see his article on page 6 of the [first ever] Miller Times) and shared the MPNA Chair with Julie for a while (see page 2 of the Sept. 91 newsletter). Back then he was an engineer and avid cyclist, commuting by bike to his job at Boeing. I recall hearing of his bike adventures in Iceland at previous parties.

He's recently turned his avocation into a career and become a full-time artist, working with beadwork and mixed media. He's got a show on in Portland right now. You can read about him, and see some of his work, both on the gallery website and on his own website. There are descriptions of the inspirations for many of the amazingly varied pieces on Scott's own site.

Scott does all the beadwork himself, but I note, from the description of one piece, that there's still an engineer lurking somewhere inside the artist.

The piece shown here is entitled Immaculate Reception, features St. Clare, the patron saint of television, and contains a working television (assuming he's had time to go down to Portland and fix the TV). And yes, if you don't buy his interpretation of Saint Clare, you can get one from Archie McPhee.

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