Mar 17, 2011

Treatment Plans

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Mar 9, 2011

March 22nd Mayor's Town Hall

Most of us in the Miller Park neighborhood look towards Capitol Hill (or at least to 15th) for our needs and our identity.
However, we were lumped in with the Central Area for neighborhood planning purposes, and our attention may turn in that direction if/when the East Madison Street commercial area gets developed.
So, you will certainly be welcomed at the Mayor's Town Hall on the 22nd.

Many neighborhood organizations are offering information/meet & greet tables at the event. If you would like to represent the Miller neighborhood, please see the information after the poster. (For personal reasons I will probably not attend). Contact me if you want some handouts, etc. Andrew Taylor

(click poster to enlarge and read)

To date, 17 community organizations have confirmed their participation by agreeing to staff an information table that evening between 5:30-6:30 p.m.  They are:

1)   Madrona Community Council; 2)  Center for Multicultural Health; 3)  Center Seattle Parent Resource; 4)  African American Veterans Group of Washington; 5)  Central District Public Art Project; 6)  Jackson Place Community Council/Jackson Street Music History Project; 7)  12th Avenue Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Committee; 8)  Squire Park Community Council; 9)  Seattle University Youth Initiative; 10)  Central Area Development Association; 11)  Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center; 12)  Coyote Central; 13)  Washington Hall/Historic Seattle; 14)  First Place School; 15)  Pratt Fine Arts Center; 16)  Northwest African American Museum; and 17)  Seattle Neighborhood Group.

Please contact me with questions or if your organization would like to reserve a table.  –Stan      

Stan Lock, Neighborhood District Coordinator
Department of Neighborhoods
Central Region
2301 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA  98144
(206) 233-2045 - Office
(206) 423-9917 - Cell

Mar 7, 2011

Feedback needed on Neighborhood Project Funds application

Apologies for very late notice, but I'd like your advice/feedback on an application for  Neighborhood Project Funds that I would like to submit on behalf of the Miller Park Neighborhood.

Essence of proposal (here's a Google Streetview of an example):

What is the physical location of the proposed project or problem? Please provide the EXACT address and/or cross streets. If it is near a school, please identify.
The 2009 block of East John, Some spot repair adjacent to Miller Park on East John, and if there is funding, sidewalk repairs  at 1820 and 1821 East Thomas.
City trees have damaged the sidewalk all along East John and east Thomas from 15th Ave E to 23rd Ave E. In many cases sidewalk has been repeatedly shimmed by the city and now needs to be repaired. We understand that some removal of street trees may be necessary to make lasting repairs.
This stretch of sidewalk serves shopping, transit, Meany School (NOVA Alternative High School AND Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center) and the Miller Community Center.
Continue with sidewalk repair along East John/Thomas with a phase 2 NSF to repair sidewalk adjacent to Miller Park and west of 19th Ave East where there is a Metro bus stop.

My proposed application is posted here.

The application is due tomorrow (Tuesday March 8th) so I'll need to hear from you by 2PM Tuesday.
(apologies for very late notice: personal issues).

E-mail me your thoughts, if desired.