Dec 12, 2007

Help us make our Community Center even better!

( This is a flyer recently created by the Advisory Council to recruit new members. You may download a good copy to print and share with others)

Miller Community staff and advisory council welcome you to the Miller Community Center.

This facility is supported and led by staff and volunteers around the neighborhood just like you.

Miller Community Advisory Council would like YOU to join us!

It’s easy and fun! We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month to help with program planning, special events and activities.

See how much change we can make in our community together. We would love to contact you to answer your questions and invite you to the next meeting.


Phone: ( __ __ __ ) __ __ __ -- __ __ __ __

E-mail: __________________________________

Leave this at the front desk at Miller Community Center or contact:
Zoom Piksa: • 206-684-4753

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