Dec 13, 2007

Mailbox alert

From a neighbor:

I am a fairly new (only about a year or so) resident of the Madison Miller area. I live in one of the townhouses on 21st Ave and E. John street and noticed that someone had pried our locked mailbox open. I just wanted to mention it, because I wanted people to be aware that someone may be making "mailbox rounds" and maybe you can remind them to keep an extra eye out during the holidays!

An update from the neighbor:

The Post Office has not been helpful one bit! Along with the recent event I have tried to address the issue of the mail delivery person sticking everyone's mail 1" into the slot on all of the boxes lately as well. I have found my mail, medical bills, bank statements, mortgage bill and all sticking right up for anyone to grab! It's a bit frustrating, but I have indeed been trying to address the proper channels. We did not, however report it to 911, as I didn't think of that at the time. Next time, however, I will certainly do so!

I get the feeling that the postal service is a bit overwhelmed during this time of year.

We were able to repair the box, and are now sure to get the mail as soon as we arrive home each afternoon to lessen the time it spends in (or half in as it may be) the box.

The next step is either a different type of locking box, or a PO box address.

And another neighbor chimes in:

I live in a townhouse on 21st Ave and E. John as well, so quite likely I am this person's neighbor. I never lock my mailbox. I have noticed the mail sticking out sometimes as they describe, and it does appear that the other boxes may have been pried open at some point.

Maybe I should start locking my mailbox. Maybe we should invest in more secure boxes all around. Maybe it doesn't matter. Why would someone steal bills and junkmail, and if they do is it any more than simply an inconvenience to us?

I'm not at all surprised the post office isn't cooperating. I was the first of the 4 units to move in, and had several months of dealing with the post office before they would deliver mail at all! They are wholly uncooperative. Initially, the builder put up a box at each door since the townhouses are two separate structures of two units each. Apparently, the law states that buildings with 3 or more units need a central mailbox. This is two separate lots, two separate addresses, each with two units so it should be ok. The post office agreed. The mailman did not, and refused to deliver the mail or even tell us. It took a while to even figure out what was wrong - I left the mailman a note at a different house's mailbox to come see me since I was receiving no mail, and I skipped work one day. He came over and practically yelled at me for 15 minutes about the builder not following the rules, and that is how I found out about the problem. I had no opinion in the matter, and said they should put the box wherever they wanted so I could receive my mail. Eventually the builder moved all the mailboxes to one unit and now the mailman begrudgingly delivers. The mailman was in an argument with the builder and post office, who neither would do anything, and in the meantime I (illegally) received no mail. I don't have much confidence left in that system.

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