May 15, 2007

(old) Miller Times newsletters finally online

Long, long ago, before the internet, we used to communicate by handing out neighborhood newsletters. I've finally got round to scanning them: look for the list of links at the bottom right of this page (or follow the blue headline links here). The newsletter articles (and the snapshots of old versions of the Miller website, see below) give a good idea of what we were up to back then.

First Miller Times: December 1990 Edition

  • What is the Miller Park Neighborhood Association?
  • Meeting notes
  • Gardening corner
  • Home Security
  • Living in a fixer-up neighborhood
  • A sex offender in our midst?
  • Community Center news
February 1991 Edition
  • Miller Community Center: what's that?
  • Punxsatawney Phil
  • The new TV Tower
  • Trees!
  • Miller Community Center makes national news
June/July 1991 Edition
  • Should we close the Miller Community Center
  • The greening of Miller Park
  • Medgar Evers Pool, not a "Sleeping Giant"
  • Soyu Chicken - Hawaiian style
  • Capitol Hill Community Council - what's that?
August/Sept 1991 Edition
  • Life in the neighborhood
  • Where we've been, where we're going
  • Recipe corner
  • Community Center News
Fall 1991 Edition
  • TV towers radiation and health
  • The case for the Tower
  • Does the "community tower" serve our communities?
May/June 1992 Edition
  • Welcome, Gary Alexander, Community Center coordinator
  • Tower developer still trying
  • Field of Dreams: Grass or synthetic field for Miller
  • Tree planting, 1992
  • Neighborhood and Community Center news
June/July 1992 Edition
  • Now, where did I park my car?
  • Residential Parking Zone
  • Affordable Housing on Capitol Hill
  • Gardening corner: Iris
  • The fight against more broadcast towers continues
  • Water your new trees
  • Origins of local street names
Fall 1992 Edition
  • Miller Park: the Dream is Alive
  • Grass vs. Sand: the playfield controversy continues
  • RPZ update
  • TV tower & tree planting updates etc.
Spring 1996 Edition
  • Help revitalize East Madison Street
  • Sex offenders in our midst
  • What is CHHIP
  • Mary Ruth Manor improvements
  • Community Center news
Fall 1999 Edition
  • Neighborhood history
  • Lots happening on Madison!
  • Help define a design theme for Madison!
  • Miller fountain design competition
And since then?

Well, most of our communications have been by E-mail and website. The old Miller website concentrates on public safety (pretty much solved) and neighborhood redevelopment, which is still very relevant, and on neighborhood planning which may be making a comeback.
Thanks to the Wayback Machine Internet archive, you can look at snapshots of the Miller website at various points from 2002 to the present (and a few from 2000 & 2001) and see for yourself what we were up to then. And the rest, you know!

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