Sep 8, 2007

Storm in a D-cup

(explanation of title: Anglo-American issues)

On Thursay night my wife reported having seen signs on the Brix condominium project on Broadway (where the old Safeway was) indicating that Hooters was moving in there!
On Friday morning I took pictures of the signs and posted them on the Capitol Hill Yahoo group and sent them to some newspapers.

The results included articles on the Seattle PI Big Blog and in Saturday's newspaper, and an extensive discussion on the Stranger's blog, all of which figured out that it was in fact a hoax.

The Stranger's blog posting generated an huge number of comments, with a wide-ranging discussion that including speculation on where the gay center of Seattle now was (the Central Area, they speculated), the location of good gay bars there, and whether Thompson's Point of View could become a gay hangout!

From a Capitolhillnews subscriber:

The ACTUAL tenants set to occupy the 7,500 sq ft of available retail space at Brix are:

- Dilettante Chocolates (replacing their old site just down the block with this new, larger flagship store featuring an expanded menu including brunch and lite suppers, and the company's first Chocolate Martini Bar...)

- Espresso Vivace (slated to be one of the two "flagship retailers" at the location)

- Hour Eyes Optical

- With only ONE retail space of 820 sq. ft. remaining, you can pretty much rest assured that whomever DOES take the space will have a minor retail presence.

And the final word.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see people are paying attention. I'm also glad that people have a good sense of humor about it for the most part. I was a little scared I might get into trouble for this, but it seems that the issue was more political and based around the development of the neighborhood, rather than an issue of who's putting up these awful stickers. I'll just say this, it was late, I have the machines and I don't drink. What else am I going to spend my beer money on? I mean.....