Sep 26, 2007

22nd & Madison development: Design Review

The Sept. 19th Design Review meeting for Jim Mueller's proposed development of the Twilight Exit / Oscar's II site at 22nd & Madison went very smoothly. Both the Design Review Board and the (small number of) neighbors present seemed very impressed with the project. I'll post the Board's report when it's available.

Jim described his plans to research and memorialize the music history of the neighborhood in the new building. The architects from Mithun then described several alternative plans for a six-story mixed use project on the site (most of the site is zoned 65', a bit of the south end is 40'). Everybody preferred their first scheme. Below (thanks to Jim and Mithun) are a copy of their illustration of it, and a couple of my pictures of their model .

(click on any image for larger copy)

My only real concern (echoed by René Soulard) was that the garden terrace was buried in the building and did not benefit from the stunning view of Mount Rainier that the site offers. Below are a couple of views from the adjacent "Views at Madison Park" apartments above the Safeway.

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