Sep 28, 2007

Former Madison-Millerite runs for Mayor of Mount Vernon

This just in:

Hi Andrew, I am running for Mayor of Mount Vernon--
can you believe it?
no one filed to run against the current mayor, and i think he should be replaced, so i filed myself and now i have a growing campaign!
you can see me on the front page of today's skagit valley herald

--Doris Brevoort

I am keeping reading what's up with my dear Mad-Miller neighborhood, and am frequently referring to the Urban Village work I was involved with in our CAP group when people ask me what was my experience that makes me prepared to be the Mayor? goodness!
Best regards to all of you there at MMad--- Doris

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Tiny Tim said...

Yep and she went down in a horrible defeat. Just proves that hippies with Social Services degrees aren't welcome there yet. LOL that is funny