Sep 12, 2007

Dog in Deano's Grocery

A neighbor noted:

I live in the neighborhood and for the past week I have notice a puppy inside Deano's Grocery. This morning, there was a note on the door stating "the dog is well cared for - owner"
It concerns me very much as I find it odd the owner would keep a puppy inside the awful store. The puppy has license tags on it and I have notice water in there, but I find it sad as the puppy appears to be alone when I leave in the morning and when I come home at night. Just wanted to know if anyone knew why this dog was being kept in there. I have considered calling animal welfare, but considering the dog looks healthy, there is little they would do. Rather the dog may be moved to even worse location.

My reply:

Thanks for your concern. I noticed the dog a few days ago and assumed it was a guard dog.

As far as I know, there's only one person living in the building, a caretaker who lives above the store. A while ago he emerged from a doorway on the side street (Denny, between Deano's Market and the Tire place) and chatted with me.

You could try knocking on the side door and talking to the caretaker, or you could call Animal Control, or perhaps our Community Police Team Officer (Tyrone Davis, 206-684-4373,

I'm bcc:ing Jim Mueller (who's interested in buying the property, and talks regularly with Dean Falls): maybe he can spread some light on this.
As I noted, I presume the dog is to deter squatters from breaking into the store, which seems all for the best.

And her reply:

Thanks for your reply. I didn't know someone lived there, so it would make sense if it was their dog. I will continue monitoring the dog to make sure it continues to appear healthy and taken care of. It will be great when someone eventually does something useful with the property.


Anonymous said...

On Monday, September 10th I was driving to work on 21st two block North of Madison. I noticed two Pit Bull looking dogs roaming the street alone. When I went another block I noticed the Seattle Animal Shelter truck parked in front of Deano's Grocery. I stopped and talked to the nice animal control lady. I thought she was looking for the roaming dogs and wanted to point them out to her. She said she will look into the roaming pair next, but right now she was checking on reports of a dog in the closed Deano's Grocery. When I drove past the next day, the dog was still looking out the door. I'm assuming averything checked out okay. What a great neighbor hood we live in... we even look after the animals.
Jeff, E. Mercer

Andrew Taylor said...

Dog update (9/20/07) (via E-mal)

Tuesday morning I was walking by Deano's and noticed two notes on the door from people threatening to break a window and steal the dog and calling the owner cruel. This bothered me and I wish I would have removed the notes. When I came home from work, the dog was gone and so were his food bowls. I am guessing due to the constant harassment the owner moved the dog somewhere else.