Sep 25, 2007

County Council Public Safety Town Hall report

The Stranger's blog (the SLOG) has this report on last night's King County Council Town Hall meeting on "Criminal Justice Reform: what is to be done?".

I've added my letter to the Council as the first comment on the Slog entry (I couldn't stay till the end of the meeting). I cc:'d the letter to the City Councilmembers who worked on the issue, and got this reply from Tom Rasmussen:

Thank you Andrew I appreciate receiving your comments. I was not able to attend last night due to scheduling issues.
Councilmember Licata and I added funding into the city's budget to support these programs. The GOTS program appears to be very promising and will have my continued support. The Clean Dreams project may need more adjustment and work to ensure that it is making a difference in the community.

I would like to work with Councilmember Gossett to continue our efforts to reduce crime and to help the people who are involved or likely to be involved in crime to change their lives for the better.

Tom Rasmussen

Seattle City Council

(Here's a Real Change article about the Clean Dreams project, and a couple of Seattle Times articles (first, second one)

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