Aug 31, 2007

Tire slashings on E. Mercer between 20th & 21st

From some neighbors:

In the last two weeks we have had four tire slashings on our block of East Mercer Street between 20th and 21st. Two were on my wife's car and two were on my neighbors car. Both were parked directly under the street light when the vandalism took place. All four occurred on separate nights and on the street side of the vehicle. We called the Seattle Police non emergency number to report this. All four tires have had a small puncture on the side wall and were not repairable.


Mike said...

One of my street-side tires went flat a couple of weeks ago (on the 100 block of 21st Ave E.) -- I don't remember damaging it, but the tires were fairly old, so I didn't assume any foul play, just got a new set (and a discount because the flat one was still under some limited warranty). Could have been the slasher I suppose.

Andrew Taylor said...

Another report (via E-mail):
I just returned from 2 weeks vacation to find a flat tire. The tire store said there is a small puncture on the sidewall. Mine was a curbside puncture, parked on E Mercer just east of 20th. My neighbor across the street saw me changing the tire and came to tell me about their flat tires