Jul 8, 2008

A quick spin around the block (Deano's, that is)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew. Do you know who would be the right person to ask about moving the fence back? It seems like all the demolition equipment is gone, so this is what we'll have for the next year (at least) until construction is started. They did a pretty good job opening up the madison sidewalk, but the Denny/21st sidewalk is covered by the fence in a lot of places, meaning you have to cross over or walk in the street.


Anonymous said...

Jim Mueller here... we'll get that taken care of. Thanks for pointing it out.

dave said...

hey Jim,

Any chance you'll be incorporating the old "GROCERY" sign or anything else from the old corner building into your project? It'd be nice to see some kind of nod, at least, to what was there before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave,

We were saving the old grocery sign but it was stolen from the site before we got it to a warehouse.

We are interested in respecting the heritage of the neighborhood and welcome thoughts or stories to incorporate into our plans. Music was a big deal on this block...

Also, probably in September, we'll have a meeting to chat about our plans and get feedback from folks in the immediate neighborhood.

We have saved the old timbers from the building and hope to find a way to feature them in the new structure.

Thanks again for caring,


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