Jul 15, 2008

Capitol Hill car parking etiquette

Comments on my post about car break-ins near 20th & John suggest that many people advocate the "leave the doors unlocked and the car empty" strategy for urban living.

I cautioned one correspondent that they might find people lurking in their unlocked car and he noted: Years ago my wife actually started to drive off with a vagrant in the back.

Talked to victim of latest window breaking: she's puzzled - car window was smashed, but no attempt was made to get into the car. Just plain vandalism (about 10:30 at night). Some things just make no sense!


bridget said...

it sounds like someone was on the verge of theft when a noise/possum/concerned citizen scared them off. this is one of the nice things about living in an urban area - when there is a break-in in progress, there is that greater likelihood of someone hearing the smashed glass or just happening to walk by. sometimes being densely populated is a good thing.

jcricket said...

Someone smashes the windows of our cars recently... nothing was taking, because there was never anything in the car to take.

I think some people are just out there committing vandalism (like keying your car, smashing windows at a school, spray painting) for no other reason.

Wesa said...

People try the handle, then smash. Trying to get in via crowbar/screwdriver/etc takes too much time.

Anonymous said...

There is one (or more) "vandalizer(s)" running amok on The Hill. The back window of my car was smashed with a huge rock one rainy night while parked near Group Health. Nothing was taken. Thanks to Callahan's (amazing service, great people, family-owned and operated!) I was back driving it quickly. The police said several cars had the same thing happen.

Anonymous said...
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