Jul 9, 2008

Multifamily Zoning / Townhouses

Yesterday the Mayor released his proposals to update the City building code for multifamily buildings: in our neighborhood that's basically the area between John and Madison from the top of the hill down to about 24th - it's where condos used to sprout and where townhouses are now popping up everywhere. And that's why we might care: the revised rules (which will be given a good look over by Councilmember Sally Clark's committee before City Council votes on them) will affect how our neighborhood looks and feels for many years to come.

The Seattle Times article on the Mayor's announcement concentrated on the parts of the Mayor's proposals that will regulate townhouse developments and includes comments from a Miller resident. The Seattle P-I article article also concentrated on townhomes, but included good summaries of the main proposals in the legislation.

More info:

For a different point of view see:
If you want to help understand and influence these important changes to our neighborhood, you should come to the July 21st meeting of the the Central Area Neighborhood Plan Land Use, Open Space and Housing Committee (how's that for a name). Details:
CANP Land Use, Open Space and Housing Committee Meeting
July 21st (third monday of the month), 6:30 PM
Madrona Shelterhouse (near the corner of 34th and Marion in the Madrona Playfield)

We will be reviewing our Central Area Land Use Map and Zone Summaries.

I'll send out another email with links to materials for those who wish to prepare in advance. Ideally, it would be WONDERFUL if any of you would be willing to study a particular zone designation (or range) and be able to summarize the highlights of what can be built for the rest of us. Please let me know if you are willing.

Hope everybody is having a great summer! Kathryn.
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WSB said...

Thanks for the link. We just posted one more followup moments ago - we asked Southwest Design Review Board chair David Foster, who made headlines citywide early this year after we published his critique of townhouse "micropermitting," to comment on the new proposal, and he obliged: