Feb 11, 2008

Local News on Police Scanner

The Central District News people dutifully listen to the Police scanner and transcribe it for us.

Two local items from Monday's report:

2:05pm - Three black males, teens, hanging out around Meany Middle School, appear to be waiting for kids to get out. Later said that this group was different than last week, that this group was retaliation for last week's group. Dueling gangs at a middle school? Today's group last seen headed toward Safeway at 20th & Madison.

2:51pm - 23rd & John - Group of about 10 black males, 13-14 years old, throwing rocks at passing cars

Previous Meany School report was 1/24/08:

3pm - Meany Middle School - School security is asking that two non-students be removed from the property. Described as known gang members, black male 14, red sweatshirt, other in a black hoody.

Central District News also has a good report on the 23rd & Union Safety Forum.

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