Feb 8, 2008

Land Use Application for 2051 E. Madison Street

Land Use Application to allow a six-story building, containing 96 residential units with 6,711 sq. ft. of retail at ground level. Parking for 104 vehicles will be located below grade.

Project: 3007358
Address: 2051 E MADISON ST

Comments may be submitted through: 02/20/2008

Here's lots of information about the proposed development


Leif said...

So it looks like this would replace the building that the Twilight Exit is in and the empty lot behind it. From the map it doesn't look like it includes the building next to the Twilight (some back clinic) or the deserted house across from the empty lot. Too bad the Twilight would have to move (again). Would be nice if this project was on the other side of the street where Deano's and Chocolate City used to be. What do others think about this?

Andrew Taylor said...

Yes, this is redevelopment of the Twilight exit and its parking lot by local developer Jim Mueller. Jim tells me that the back clinic building is separately owned and does not want to sell. The deserted house had been bought and is part of the development: DPD map is out of date.

Jim has been actively negotiating for a couple of years with Dean Falls, owner of the properties across the street, but Mr. Falls has not (as far as I know) agreed to sell the properties. Mr. Falls already has a plan and building permit for the property, but has shown no signs of developing it himself.

We had originally hoped that the Club Chocolate City side would be developed first, allowing the possibility of the Twilight to move back to that side, though that would depend on the owner of the development.

Yes, great ideas but it doesn't look like that's how it's going to happen!

For more info see:


for more info on the project: I'll add that link to the psot.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what will go into the retail spaces?

Andrew Taylor said...

Any idea what will go into the retail spaces?

Not settled yet, far as I know. Ask Jim Mueller, the developer.
Details, and contact info, on his website.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there anything that we, as a community, can do to affect the development of good ole chocolate city. It has been empty for a year now and nothing!!!

Andrew Taylor said...

Club Chocolate City: multiple developers have been taking to the owner, Dean Falls, I hear, for several years. Mr. Falls has had city approved plans and a building permit for several years. He has shown no signs of either developing the property himself, or of agreeing to potential buyers' offers. He did recently pay all the back property taxes on the properties.

There's no way to compel him to sell or develop the property. He is obliged to comply with DPD regulations for unoccupied properties.

Government can only acquire property by "eminent domain" in this state for direct public uses. There was (as I recall) a Supreme Court Case a couple of years ago which affirmed Connecticut's right to acquire property by eminent domain to facilitate a private redevelopment of an area (i.e. to buy out someone who wouldn't sell and was holding up a big development). I would not personally be in favor of government having such powers in our state, and gather that our State Constitution prohibits it.

That's a real long way to say: nothing's happening. Nothing we can do!