Feb 6, 2008

Where's your Caucus?

Some lucky people get to go to a Caucus on Feb. 9th at Victrola!

Yes, the Washington Presidential Caucuses are on Saturday Feb 9th.

Do they matter? Apparently a bit, but not much!
(That was written a while ago, now they DO MATTER: see 1st comment and this post)

If I were a
Democrat, I'd go to the WA Democratic Caucus finder, and learn that I should report to Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 1 PM on Saturday Feb 9th. (I'm Precinct SEA 43-1887, your mileage may vary).

If I were a
Republican, I'd go to the King County GOP Caucus locater, and learn that I have to go all the way to Roosevelt High School at 1 PM on Saturday Feb 9th.

Here's an explanation of caucusing from Crosscut, and a Seattle Times article and a Seattle Times explanation.

The Washington Primary is on February 19th, and will matter some for Republicans, but not much for Democrats. You've missed the mail-in registration deadline, but can register in person to vote, up to 15 days before the election (which is Feb 19).