Feb 20, 2008

Doggie doo

(Yes, it's come to that). As the owner of a corner lot with many yards of parking strip, across the street from some condos, I seem to get to enjoy dog owners' little leavings rather more than I would care to, especially when stumbling out to the car in the dark.

I write to note that we're a lot nicer about this issue than are New Yorkers, but even Seattleites may have a finite supply of patience. And yes, dear dog owners, you're welcome to put your little bag of goodies in my trash can. I remain puzzled by the people who go to the trouble of scooping and bagging, but then abandon the baggie: doesn't happen much round here, but you do see it around town. At least I assume that's what's in the bags: haven't actually looked.

And yes, the baggie dispensers in the shapes of bones or fire hydrants dangling from leashes are terminally cute.


Wesa said...

As a new dog owner, I have been very diligent about picking up after my dog after one too any incidents of finding my shoes dirty. The sad part is that when I am picking up after my dog, I usually just pick up the piles that are in the general 2 foot radius around what I am picking up. The bags are usually large enough. It just infuriates me that people are so lazy.

Joannie said...

Thank you, Andrew, for the post. And thank you, Wesa, for picking up after your dog (and other dogs).

Not owning a dog, this is a constant source of vexation for me. Neighbors who let their dogs out to run the street don't help. (They can't clean it up, because they aren't even there.)

I should have started this comment by saying, "Don't get me started," so I'll stop now.