Feb 10, 2011

Fratelli's development underway

Took this movie (and this one and this one) recently at the now busy building site on the NW corner of 19th & Madison, former home of the Fratelli's Cows.

The project was planned way back in 2001, and you'll have to visit the old Miller Park website to read the planning notes & reports (here's my one page version). The Capitol Hill Seattle blog has some up to date news about the project.

Herewith a few thoughts, from the memory banks: 

In brief: planned 2001 - 2002 by Val Thomas, well known developer/architect who built the 19th Ave Lofts across street from project. Architect is Sam Cameron, who [as I recall] did the Design Review presentations way back then (as part of Streeter Architects: Mel Streeter [now deceased] was premier African-American architect in Seattle.)

Sam is now at: RolludaArchitects.com

Sam Cameron contacted me recently:

 I am the chair of the Mount Zion Building Ministry and we have been working on a master plan for the Mount Zion Campus.  We are in the process of sharing that vision with members of the community.

(See http://www.dkarch.com/project.php?id=16 for a previous [2004 era] view of their vision)

I met with Sam and another Mt. Zion representative: they are planning a community meeting in February to share Mt. Zion's development plans with the community. They need an upzone as part of their master plan, and hence want to share their plans the neighborhood.

They took my suggestion that we use the meeting to update neighbors on the general state of Madison Street development.  Val Thomas and Jim Mueller will be there as will people from the 2200 E. Madison Street development.

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Anonymous said...

I’m commenting on the Mt Zion master plan and am wondering when they are going to present & or move forward. They’ve been sitting on vacant houses and neglecting for 10 years along Pine and 20th. Can’t say they are showing us neighbors much love.