Feb 23, 2011

4 Year Anniversary

On March 1st , 2007, Club Chocolate City closed, and the decades-long street crimes that had surrounded the bar vanished (literally) overnight. [OK, so the pictures were taken on Saturday 3/3/07, but you get the idea].
Club Chocolate City closed on 2/28/07 
All the drug dealers etc immediately disappeared 
And regular neighbors took back the streets 
I thought the dealers might move down to the store (which stayed open for a few weeks) 
but none did. Guess there must have been some direct connection between the bar and the street dealing!
PS (before you ask), it was NO FUN living around the bar back then.


Anonymous said...

If by 'vanished' you mean 'moved to 23rd and Union by Thompson's', then yes all the drug dealers have vanished. Congratulations!

Andrew Taylor said...

Actually, the business moved but the actual dealers disappeared. The older, down and out, dealers who inhabited the area outside Deano's were not to be found outside Thompsons: I went looking a couple of times, and saw a younger crowd there.

I heard rumors of some of them being seen downtown.

BTW I've not seen the crowds of 25 outside Thompson's that I regularly saw outside Deano's, but maybe I wasn't there at the right time.