Feb 10, 2011

2200 East Madison Street: another Design Review Hearing

revised plan for 22nd Ave. Click to enlarge. Compare with previous plan
At the first Early Design Guidance Hearing for this proposed assisted living facility at 22nd & Madison, the Design Review Board liked much of the plan, but really didn't like the plans for the 22nd Avenue side of the building, and sent the architects back to try again!

The architects kindly shared their revised plans with us,  and will be eagerly awaiting your comments at the second Early Design Guidance Hearing, at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, February 16,  at Seattle Vocational Institute, 2120 S Jackson St. ( see DPD link,  my report on previous hearing and the Design Review Board report).

On a brief glance it appears to me that the architects have done much of what the board requested, though the changes have resulted in the loss of the mini-park and the moving of the traffic entrance yet further into the residential street (22nd Ave. E.). I encourage you to look at their design, and come to the meeting with your constructive comments ready.

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