Feb 15, 2011

Money for street or park improvements

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What is the Neighborhood Projects Funds (NPF)?
NPF consists of two City budget sources: the Neighborhood Street Fund and the Cumulative Reserve Subfund. Through this program, approximately $1.2M  is set aside in the 2012 City budget for small scale improvements to neighborhood streets and parks. These funds are unique because NPF projects are proposed by the community.

What projects are eligible? 
The NPF can be used for projects valued up to $90K to fund street or park improvements, such as sidewalk repair, traffic circles and traffic calming, sidewalks, school zone speed limit signs, playground improvements, etc. NPF projects are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Projects funded by the Cumulative Reserve Subfund (approx. $1 Million total) can only be used for maintenance or repairs, projects which address safety issues, or upgrades related to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) like wheelchair access improvements; and must relate to the implementation of an existing Neighborhood Plan. View Neighborhood Plans online at http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/npi/plans.htm.
  • Projects funded by the Neighborhood Street Fund (approx. $200K total) must be transportation-related. These projects may include new construction and do not have to relate to Neighborhood Plans, but there is less money to go around in this fund.

Who decides which projects will be funded?
Each District Council will review applications and choose three projects. Then the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) will perform detailed feasibility and cost analysis, and provide feedback.  The City will make funding decisions based on recommendations from District Councils, Parks and SDOT, with the final decision made by the Mayor. For more information, contact your District Coordinator

How are proposals evaluated?
District Councils are looking for projects which meet one or more of the following criteria:

ü     Significant Impact: The project will have a widespread positive impact on the neighborhood as a whole.
ü     Neighborhood Plan Implementation: The project implements one or more recommendations in an adopted neighborhood plan. Priority will be given to projects that are located in or provide service to urban centers and villages.
ü     Broad Support: The project has the support of multiple neighborhood or community groups. Both residential and business groups are encouraged to apply.
ü     Leveraging Opportunities: The project also qualifies for funding from another City source, and therefore leaves more NPF money available for other projects.
ü     Equity: Funding is to be equitably shared among the districts over time. Neighborhoods that are already receiving significant public investment from other sources may be also given lower priority.

What is the project review timeline?
The flow chart below describes this year’s timeline.

MCj04398050000[1]Neighborhood Projects Funds
 Timeline (2011)
Applications due to Department of Neighborhoods (DON). DON begins sorting applications by Neighborhood District.
DON distributes new 2011 applications and applications prioritized but not funded in 2010 to Neighborhood District Councils.
Neighborhood District Councils review applications and submit their preliminary list of top 3 projects to DON.
DON forwards feasible projects with cost estimates back to Neighborhood District Councils.
Neighborhood District Councils submit prioritized projects to DON.
DON announces funding recommendations to Neighborhood District Councils
Mayor’s proposed budget includes funding recommendations.
Seattle City Council considers recommendations and adopts 2012 budget.
DON announces funding awards.
Project implementation.

How do I propose a project?
Complete a simple one page form which is available from your Neighborhood District Coordinator or online at http://www.seattle.gov/Neighborhoods/btgnsfcrf/documents/2011NPFApplication.doc.
Applications may be submitted by mail, (PO Box 94649, Seattle, WA  98124-4649, Att: Pamela Banks) fax 206-233-5142 or email to NeighborhoodProjectFund@seattle.gov

Questions or Assistance?

Christa Dumpys, Neighborhood District Coordinator
(206) 684-4812 or christa.dumpys@seattle.gov  

Tim Durkan, Neighborhood District Coordinator
(206) 684-4054 or tim.durkan@seattle.gov 

Stan Lock, Neighborhood District Coordinator
(206) 233-2045 or stan.lock@seattle.gov

Central Region Team
City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods 
2301 S. Jackson St., Suite 208
Seattle, WA  98144-2357

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