Jun 19, 2008

Neighborhood Planning

We did it back in 1998: here's the Central Area Plan, and the Madison-Miller plan is right here (RHS of page, ~ half way down). Here's a Crosscut article explaining Neighborhood Planning much better than I could and here's an academic article about it.

We've been talking for a while about the next round of planning, and had a forum about it this Spring. Contact Kathryn Keller to be kept in the loop about what the Central Area neighbors are doing about neighborhood planning ( ktkeller@earthlink.net).

There's some differences of opinion between the Mayor's Office (top down, all the same) and Councilmember Clark (and neighbors) about how the next round of neighborhood planning should be organized.

Irene Wall (City Neighborhood Council Planning Chair) notes:

The "current" sector based proposal for updating neighborhood plans has been *withdrawn* by the Executive. A modified program will be presented to the PLUNC committee on June 11th. This change appears to be motivated by 1) budget considerations in light of declining city revenues anticipated for 09/10 budget and 2) in recognition of public comment to date on the drawbacks of the initial proposal.

The new proposal may call for lifting the budget proviso to enable the city to proceed with a "citywide assessment" - not clear if this is the same as the "planning almanac" described in the previous proposal. Then criteria will be established to determine which neighborhood plans are in most need of being updated.
Want to know more? Stop by this meeting and ask Sally Clark!

City Neighborhood Council
Monday, June 23, 2008
6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
West Precinct Conference Room
810 Virginia Street

  • 6:30 Introductions, review/approval of agenda and of April and May minutes (web links below)
  • 6:35 City Councilmember Sally Clark will speak and respond to questions and discussion
  • (then a lot of other stuff, including a report from the Neighborhood Planning Committee).

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