Jun 5, 2008

Assorted Notes

  • The recent gathering of neighborhood bloggers at Piecora's is documented in this report from the online newspaper, Crosscut.

  • The Stranger's blog is featuring more and more land use and development reports (from Dominic Holden). Today he talked to me and Jim Mueller and posted a nice summary about the Deano's project.

  • Yesterday Dominic had nice words to say about local neighbor/activist/builder Marty Liebowitz (though note this reply on the Central District News).

  • Tonight the Capitol Hill Community Council had its elections. Saunatina A. Sanchez and Hong Chhuor ran unopposed for secretary and treasurer, respectively. In a tight race, Charlette Lefevre polled 23 votes and Ryan Shandera polled 22 votes in the race for Vice President.

    In a surprise move, Presidential Candidate Tim Durkan used his stump speech to announce his withdrawal from the race: he's just taken a Neighborhhood Service Center position in Fremont, and wouldn't have the time to be President of CHCC. We all congratulated new Community Council President Justin Carder.

    The meeting was very well attended by an attentive and interested crowd of Capitol Hillites. At my suggestion, several Community Council Officers from years and decades past attended to share artifacts, contact info and advice.

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