Jun 19, 2008

Madison Development, Housing in the news

Articles in both the Seattle Times and the P-I, so you probably didn't see both of them.

The Times has a long and comprehensive article about Dean Falls, Jim Mueller and the redevelopment of the "Deano's" property on Madison. Jim is working on redesigning the look of the development: here is his brief handout and here are reports from the design meetings on the development (and pictures) - the overall shape/size will stay as planned. Expect a neighborhood meeting with him in the Fall.

Note also that the demolition (and hence presumably the redevelopment) of the Fratelli's site at 19th & Madison has indeed started.

I have summary maps for development and zoning, and an ever-growing photo album of the demolition.

Meanwhile, the P-I has an article (as did the SLOG) about the City Council Housing Committee's vote on extending the affordable housing legislation. Full Council vote on it next Monday: they rarely go against their committee's vote: only Licata voted against it.

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