Jun 20, 2008

Miller Neighborhood priorities

My interview with Doug Schwartz, editor of the Capitol Hill Times, for his article about me got me thinking about what challenges might still face us as a neighborhood. (BTW, here's what I do with the rest of my life). In Jerry Large's recent column I remarked "in all honesty, now that Deano's bar has closed, there is very little for us to concern ourselves with.", but he noted: I'm sure he'll find something else. And now that the Deano's property has been sold and demolished, there's even less to do

Here's a list of the issues that I think might concern us. If they're BLUE, I've added a post/link about it and that's the link. If not, not yet.

BTW: See the Livable Seattle Movement's website for some neighbors' provocative views on many of these issues, and consider attending the Seattle Community Council Federation's Annual Workshop (Saturday June 21st, 10 - 1), which will be a dialog with the Livable Seattle Movement.

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