Apr 2, 2008

Strong Neighborhood Action Program Grant Time

(Miller neighbors on 22nd used one of these grants as part of the funding for their traffic circles)

It's time to award another round of Strong Neighborhood Action Program Grants to communities in the federally designated Weed & Seed areas of Seattle and Tacoma. (Description from the application: SNAP provides grants to neighborhood groups in federally designated Weed & Seed neighborhoods in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The program empowers communities to create change by taking a leadership role in the development and implementation of neighborhood restoration and community building projects. )

Here is the 2008 Strong Neighborhood Action Program Preliminary Application: map of the eligible area is below. The Central Area, Miller Park and most of Capitol Hill are eligible.

The Preliminary Project Description will be due May 31st and the Final Application will be due July 31st. Bylaws will be due at the time of the Preliminary Project Description. Determination regarding eligibility will be made prior to the applicant being asked to submit a final proposal.

Thank you for your participation with this program and I look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Caryn Badgett
Grants Director
NW Insurance Council
(206) 624-3330


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