Apr 6, 2008

Central District News Blog: lots of good stuff

The Central District News blog appeared last fall, and is becoming a wonderful one-stop shopping site for all sorts of Central District neighborhood information. The two young men running it are programmers (the site showcases what the software can do) and neighborhood enthusiasts: an unbeatable combination. The site also lets YOU add your own pages, calendar events, pictures etc, and generates quite spirited conversations on many of the topics.

Here's what's caught my eye:

1) Neighborhood Redevelopment News:

2) Neighborhood Plan News:
3) Public Safety News:

In summary, they're covering most of the topics that I feel need publicizing (and for which I started this blog), and their lovely software makes it all very accessible with their integrated slide-shows, video segments, calendar etc. I encourage you all to check their site regularly, and to contribute news for the area.

Thanks, CD News: you'e made my job a lot less onerous!

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