Apr 30, 2008

Pedestrian Safety website from Councilmember Licata

Councilmember Nick Licata today launched “Critical Crossings,” , a new, interactive website dedicated to pedestrian safety. Councilmember Licata said, “This site is dedicated to improving
pedestrian safety in Seattle by posting images of traffic intersections and crosswalks submitted by citizens who believe intersections are critical to their safety.”

He invites you to snap a picture of an intersection and email a digital version to the address below. Please be sure to format your picture according to the instructions at the bottom of this page. Sorry, but he will not be able to post photos that are not formatted accordingly nor will he be able to post hard copy photos you might want to snail-mail him. (what, no scanner at City Hall? the one on my $99 printer does just fine!)

To submit your entries:

  • Email your digital photos to his legislative assistant at frank.video@seattle.gov. In the subject line type: "Critical Crossings".
  • Include any comments you wish to make about each intersection you submit.
  • Let him know if you want to post your email address next to your photo so others can contact you.
  • Submit images in JPG or GIF format. The image should be 640 x 480 pixels or larger. To insure quality, images smaller then 640 x 480 pixels will not be posted on this site.
Visit the website for more details: pictures to be posted mid-May and monthly thereafter.

1 comment:

ktkeller said...

Dusk. I'm headed east on E Thomas. Stop at 19th. The crosswalks right in front of me, on the left and the right are well lit. Across the street all I see are the headlights of the car heading west on E Thomas. It's my turn to go. OH NO there is a person starting to walk north on 19th to the Community Center in the east crosswalk. Happened to me a few times. I'm afraid I will hit someone one day. Do I need a picture? Can they get better lighting? Maybe pedestrian ligth strips?