Nov 28, 2007

Neighborhood Traffic Improvements

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Please join me in thanking the various Miller area neighbors whose efforts are shown here: their long and dedicated efforts have resulted in significant traffic improvements in our area. Click on the blue markers on the map above, or admire the pictures below.

So remember, you CAN make a difference. Contact them (or me) for hints as to how to get your favorite traffic issue addressed. And be sure to thank them if you meet them in the street.

Lonnie Lusardo's efforts resulted in the installation of the left filter arrow on the John & Madison traffic light, which makes it much safer turning from (eastbound) John to Madison: it was impossible to see westbound traffic coming up John. (click on any photo for bigger version)

Robert Njegovan rallied his neighbors on 22nd Ave E. to apply for grants and supply volunteer labor to get these 2 traffic circles installed on 22nd . They help to greatly slow down the "cut through" traffic that's bypassing the traffic lights on 23rd.

Andy Haas lobbied long and hard for this curb bulb on 21st Ave E. at E. John Street, which will help stop a constant stream of wrong-way traffic on this one-way street pass the playfield and school. Both he and Lonnie (above) got to explain their concerns to the Mayor when he toured our neighborhood.

Not all our efforts have yet been successful. Richard Samuel and Andrew Taylor are lobbying the City to fix this constantly flooding corner at Denny & 21st. Here's the City's letter about the problem: they have not yet actually done the work.

You may recall that (back in 2002) Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) carried out an extensive traffic study in our area, and made a number of suggestions, some of which have been carried out by SDOT alone, and others (shown here) were accomplished after much prodding by the people acknowledged here.

If there are other things on the SDOT report (or ideas of your own), that you'd like to pursue, please contact me (Andrew Taylor) and I'll put you in touch with SDOT people (and perhaps with the neighbors noted here, who can provide much useful guidance).

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