Jan 30, 2008

One killed, one critically injured in 23rd & Union shootings

KING TV reports 2 shootings at Philadelphia Cheese Steak restaurant, located at 23rd and Union at roughly 11:15 a.m. Murder of previous owner of the restaurant was never solved.

Suspect's name, photo and car description are on the KING TV report. "Police say the suspect is Rey Alberto Davis-Bell. They are bringing in off-duty cops to help look for him."

Seattle P-I confirms the shootings as does KOMO.

The Central District News blog has a professional looking report, with video, which was quoted by KING TV: " A blogger from Centraldistrictnews.com interviewed a witness at today's shooting who said the shooting took place inside the restaurant. He described the events this way: “A gentleman walked inside the Philadelphia Cheese Steak and opened fire … and shot two people.”

Lots of pictures (and bizarre off-topic comments about cheese steaks) on the SLOG.

(from Central District News):
Police believe the suspect to be heavily armed and warn that there could be more violence in the next few hours.

The P-I has lots more about the suspect:

Prior to a 2002 harassment conviction, Davis-Bell told a court-appointed psychiatrist that hitting people makes him "feel good inside."

"One day I'll get even with everybody who has done me dirty," Davis-Bell told the psychiatrist, according to court documents. He went on to indicate that he didn't "mind hurting people who get in my way."

Davis-Bell has admitted to gang affiliations and acquiring stolen firearms, according to court records.
Central District News has all the latest, and links to the "old" media reports.

Background and perspective
from Seattle Crime Blog


Anonymous said...

According to Seattle Times website, one victim died. The killer is no "gentleman".

We need to change the perception on the part of outsiders that the Central District is someplace they can come to and create mayhem.

Anonymous said...

another example of our bleeding heart system up here letting out murderers into the publice

sexy said...