Jan 27, 2008

$$$ to fund your neighborhood project!

2008 Small Neighborhood Street Fund Projects

The Department of Neighborhoods is asking community leaders to work with their neighbors to identify and prioritize projects that will inform the City's Cumulative Reserve Fund (CRF) and Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) project decisions. This partnership, between the city and its neighborhoods, has been extremely valuable to identifying priority projects by community members. In anticipation of having a $1 million Cumulative Reserve Fund (CRF) and $240,000 Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) in next year's city budget, community members are invited to participate in the CRF/NSF Allocation Process that is open from January 14, 2008 until February 22, 2008

Lots of information, help, links, etc.

Many unfunded projects from other Districts are being reconsidered, but only ONE from the East District (that's us).

Note that the City's outreach effort to help with your application will be at Miller Community Center (and nowhere else):

Let us help make your application shine!

All questions for SDOT, Parks and Recreation and Department of Neighborhoods regarding the application and process can be answered at the Technical Assistance Workshop; on Thursday, February 7th at the Miller Community Center on Capitol Hill, located at 330 19th Ave. E from 6:00-7:30 pm

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