Jan 31, 2008

Capitol Hill Community Council Revived

Meeting notes, and links to several reports on this meeting.

About 30 people met in the Capitol Hill library meeting room, and seemed enthusiastic about rebooting the Capitol Hill Community Council. A steering committee was formed, and immediately started searching for a good committee meeting date! You'll be hearing from them in due course.

Leah Cutter kept us on task, blogger Wesa took lots of notes for all of you, Doug Schwartz reported for the Capitol Hill Times and Josh Lynch for the Seattle University Spectator, so any of you who missed the meeting will be well informed (and a show of hands revealed that about 1/3 of the audience had a blog). Long-time Community Council Chair Ann Donovan reminded us of the history and accomplishments of the community council and encouraged people to join the community council E-mail list.

Sound Transit impacts, development, gentrification, public safety, outreach and the arts were all discussed, and people signed up to be on committees addressing them. The chair of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce (Michael Wells of Bailey/Coy Books) discussed their recent revival, and we all agreed that there was a need for a separate Community Council, but that we would be closely allied on many projects.

Definitely a critical mass of enthusiastic and capable people: I have every hope that a healthy and vigorous Community Council will be representing our needs again soon.

According to the council bylaws, all Capitol Hill residents (even the most junior ones) are members of the Community council.

Marlow Harris has a P-I blog report on the meeting: "Like a phoenix rising from the ashes".

Wesa (seen typing away in the lower left corner of the upper picture) has kindly submitted her meeting notes for our guidance.


Andrew Taylor said...

(correction to meeting notes),

The notes have you saying that the majority of people at the ST meeting wanted the station on Nagle but it's going to be built on Broadway. The truth is that the majority wanted it on Broadway and it is being built on Nagle. This should be corrected asap.

Andrew Kirsch

Anonymous said...

Does everyone understand that the Link light rail station will be built under Nagle, but all station entrances will be on Broadway. So, from the rider's perspective, the station is on Broadway.

sexy said...