Jan 10, 2008

Come help Denise Harnley retire!

Please Join Seattle Neighborhood Group for Denise Harnly’s Retirement Celebration!!!
When: Monday, January 14th, 2008
Time: 4pm-8pm
Location: Seattle Neighborhood Group, 1810 East Yesler Way
Formal remarks at 6pm, but please drop in when you can.

(click image to enlarge,read)

Denise has been working diligently to promote public safety for as long as the Miller Park Neighborhood Association has been around. You'll find her mentioned (and mis-spelled) in the inaugural (December 1990) edition of the neighborhood association newsletter.

Denise (in red hat) and various other people you might recognize, at an April 2006 MADCAP neighborhood cleanup:

The next MaDCAP neighborhood cleanup will be Saturday, January 19th, beginning at 10:00 am and ending at 11:30. The positive changes in the neighborhood of late allow for a later start time and an earlier finish as we've found there just isn't as much to clean up. Along with cleaning up, being present in the neighborhood has always been the other piece of MaDCAP's mission, and the tragic event of last week underscores how important it is to have a connected and supportive neighborhood. We will gather in the open space behind the Prince of Wales apartment building at 1818 20th Ave. Starbuck's coffee will be available beginning at 9:40. We hope you can take the time to join us.

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