Jan 3, 2008

Capitol Hill: Community Meeting; Online Forum

The tragic stabbing murder on 15th Ave on New Year's Eve highlighted the lack of an active (physical) neighborhood organization on Capitol Hill for people to turn to. The CHS blog and I were both contacted by the media, and the blog saw lots of people seeking information.

The Capitol Hill Community Council used to represent neighborhood interests, but presently exists only as an E-mail list. The East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition and the East Precinct's new Community Crime Prevention Coordinator (Mike Yasutake (206) 684-7717, michael.yasutake@seattle.gov ) are putting together a meeting (Tuesday, 6PM at Group Health, according to KING TV) about the murder: check here for details. Maybe the meeting will bring together people interested in jump-starting a new Community Council.

Justin, the CHS blogger-in-chief has also set up a new online forum to allow people to share their views, news, whatever. I encourage you to take advantage of it for all your (bigger picture) Capitol Hill related issues. For the (bigger picture) issues that are related to the Central Area part of our universe, try the Central District News site.

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