Nov 3, 2007

Salmon in Carkeek Park

OK, so the salmon filling the waters of Piper's Creek in Carkeek Park aren't in our neighborhood, but they were an unexpected find during my hike down the trail there on Saturday, and I thought you might like to know about them.

We parked on NW 100th Place, near Holman Road and walked down the trail from the McAbee entrance (map), past the old Piper Orchard, to the stream (and on to the Sound).

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K and/or J said...

I've read about a creek that ran somewhere in the area of the Volunteer Park Cafe that had salmon runs way back in the olden days before the park, etc. were built. Anybody know the name of the creek and if any traces of it still exist? Curious to know how far up the hill it started.