Nov 25, 2007

Leaves in street: City can help you help yourself!

I was alarmed by the huge piles of leaves in nearby gutters: way too many to dispose of in my household "clean green" pickups. Wrote to the City and learnt of a new Adopt-A-Drain program to help groups of neighbors use City supplied tools to bag leaves, which are then removed by City trucks.

I will apply for a set of equipment, and encourage you to do so for your street (or you could come and borrow "mine").

Andrew Taylor

The City's full-time drainage crew is still out there working to remove leaves from the gutters but unfortunately they can't keep up with the number of drains, etc. In the end of October the City launched a new Adopt-A-Drain program which aims to help support volunteers/ neighborhoods that are doing exactly what you are doing. This program was established to help provide folks with the supplies needed (rakes, gloves, bags and free pickup for people who get the yard waste service) to keep the drains clean/clear of leaves.

If you have any questions about the program or would like additional information please get back in touch.

Gretchen Muller
Environmental Outreach Program Mgr.
206.684.0570 Office

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