Nov 1, 2007

Assorted crime reports

(After several quiet months, all these reports appeared over the last week.
Please submit comments if you can enlighten us about any of them)

speaking of halloween, did anyone hear those shots last night around 10pm? 19th & Howell I believe? Cops were combing the area but none of them would tell me what happened.

11/1/07: 2000 Block E. Madison

Looks like it (Deano's) got tagged with graffiti recently -- all over the doors and one side of the building. Would call the graffiti hotline, but the several times I've tried them in the past had zero response.

10/26/07 300-400 block 22nd Ave E.

We have either left our doors unlocked or someone has slim jimmed into our cars the last few days. The old ones of the fleet that is.. and for that matter the latter is the highest concern. Just wanted to send an email and alert everyone and see if anyone else has had to deal with such nuisance recently.


I wanted to share a neighbor's experience that is greatly upsetting.
Yesterday, 10/31/07, while at home a neighbor who resides near the corner of 23rd and Pine became aware of suspicious activity next door to her home. Upon investigating, she observed 3 young boys (approximately 12-13 yrs.of age ) forcing the garage door open and entering the home. The neighbor, upon observing this activity, then asked the young boys what they were doing where upon they immediately ran off. The neighbor then called the police and waited for their arrival. The police arrived approx. 20 min. later and apparently found crack cocaine that the boys had thrown from their pockets in their haste to leave the scene. Obviously this is upsetting as far as the attempted robbery is concerned but the additional tragedy in my mind is the age of the alleged perpetrators and the possession of the crack. The blatant attempt in mid day by these young boys is very unnerving and leads me to question whether there are serious hard timers directing this guess would be, Yes.
I only know that we as a community need to be aware and do whatever we can to help
save our youth from repeating the cycle of drug use and all it entails.


Anonymous said...

Is the last entry serious? Crackhead punks caught trying to steal from a private home but wait - let's stop and shed a tear for the harsh socioeconomic situation that forced them into the situation.

Give me a friggin' break.

Anonymous said...

Boy...what was I thinking ..we should all follow your advise and flush the whole lot of them down the proverbial toilet.
The only tear I'll shed is for short sited self absorbed people as yourself that have no solutions
beside smart _ss comments that serve no general purpose.
12-13 year olds are not crackhead little punks they are children
that are the victims of older
serious crackhead sons of _itches
that the community and police need to raise hell about to stop.