Nov 19, 2007

East Precinct Police Appreciation Events

There hasn’t been an effort to show officers at the East Precinct appreciation in over two years. You are invited to join us for the East Precinct Police Appreciation 2007 event. We will be serving food and sharing thank–you cards and stories at each of three shift changes, 11am, 8pm (November 27th) and 3am (November 28th). We need your help in one of three ways:
  • Volunteer one hour of your time to help set up and serve food at one of the shift changes
  • Contribute a thank-you card, letter, short story or anecdote showing appreciation
  • Donate food (sealed) / get a restaurant, bakery, cafe or grocery store to donate food
If you’d like to be involved please contact Sita: 322.9330, or Denise: 322.6134,
Please pass the word along!

Thank You

Note: We are not able to accept home baked or home cooked foods. Food from restaurants/bakeries/cafes/grocery stores will be brought to the precinct by our designated pick-up team.

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